Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Coffee Eclairs Anyone?


My Bosch oven is at last working as it should .... I hope.

The electrician arrived and made the insides of my cupboards look like a swiss cheese. I  decided the best test I could give it was to cook some eclairs as I know these can be difficult.

Eclairs were the first thing I learned to cook when I married. I realise now that this was ambitious but I never had any difficulty with them. I do like a coffee eclairs, like Karl Lagerfeld I like coffee anything, cakes, eclairs and ice cream when my sensitive teeth allow.

So I experimented first in the small top oven. It was a while since I have made them and I used Delia Smiths  recipe and got it wrong. Disaster, oven too hot. So I had another go using a NZ Edmunds recipe. The texture of the mix I knew was just right but the oven was too hot.

By this time I was really depressed. Two lots of mix butter and eggs in the waste bin. Being a child of the second world war I hate wasting any food especially eggs and butter.

But I decided to give it another go in the main oven using the fan bake and bingo glorious eclairs. Then I tried cup cakes and later scones gorgeous mouth watering perfect.

As an encore I had my best friend Elizabeth around for Sunday lunch and we had a go at a lamb roast. Well I should have read the manual but I did eventually and found the right setting for the oven which was not the one I have ever used before. Not standard oven, not fan bake but a half and half setting that browns and roasts. it is really good.

After three hours the lamb looked cooked to us although the meat thermometer said otherwise. It was cooked beautifully.  I should have turned the leg half way through but even so it was delicious.

The Bosch Electrician gave the ventilation holes the thumbs up although he was concerned that I had to keep the cupboard doors open. He too was surprised at the manual choice of settings and suggested I use the photo as a screen saver.

So coffee, eclairs and cup cakes anyone?

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