Monday, December 6, 2010

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy- Techno Style

Today, by accident  I discovered the world of the re-mix. Looking for a version of The Sugar Plum Fairy I found lots and lots and lots of versions, all original and creative. In the world of the re-mix classical music is alive and well.

Jonathan Miller the stage director felt that all true masterpieces had an after life and were re interpreted with every age and bought up to date. Miller's concept is proved by the Sugar Plum Fairy, from 'The Nutcracker' by Tchaikovsky which is living on for the masses in hip hop, jazz, electronic rock versions.

Some of the visuals that go with these versions are innovative too. Some very simple but some quite technically advanced showing what can be done by creative people who are given the opportunity. Nothing establishment here but good unusual imaginative work.

Spent an amazing and informative hour checking it out. You should too. Establishments who for centuries have had control over what the public sees are in for a shock.

Here's two accapella version not the best but certainly unusual.

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