Monday, June 27, 2011

Apple's Final Cut Pro X a new leap forward?

I must be the last peson to actually upgrade to Final Cut Pro 7! I bought my copy at the beginning of last week and by the end it was history but for once I am not worried in fact I am just so pleased I managed to buy it.

I love video editing. If you want to experience absolute power video editing is the job for you. Many tyrants of the world could have amused themselves with Final Cut Pro instead of fighting unnecessary wars. As an artist I just love having total control of my work and to some extent other people's. Even if the artist doesn't produce the goods on the day one can always work around and of course if I am the artist I can go back and 'do it agan'. The fear of having to get it right first time has gone and for artists of my age we all had 'to get it right first time' as video editing was unknown.

About three months ago I decided to upgrade my computer so I could do advanced video work. I love playing with effects and for that you need a powerful computer. As bad luck would have it I had to buy the first off the line MacBook Pro and it continually froze. This is the problem with being an early adopter. It went back and I had to wait until all the bugs had flown.

In the meantime I was stuck with iMovie 11 which is the editing programme that Apple thinks is appropriate for beginners. It was a 'nightmare'. Nine weeks of horror  and I can edit video . I did manage one short YouTube with considerable difficulty. The YouTube above although a spoof was vey near the mark so shock horror last week Apple threw out the tried, true and loved Final Cut Pro 7 in favour of an upgraded iMove 11!!!!!

The trouble with developers is that although they 'develop' the product most of them will never have to use it! I have a head start as I actually have the bones of iMovie 11 but most editors will find it clunky. OK the rendering times will be reduced but they could have done that in the old Final Cut 7 and 'shock horror two' you can't bring your old FCP 7 projects into the new FCPX!

Sometimes new isn't worth the effort. Apple just wants to make money and who can blame them. Will I buy it? Well yes eventually I think but not now.

When something works why not fix it instead of throwing it out for an untried method.

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