Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bravo Pope Benedict XVI Right Call!

Pope Benedict XVI2013
Bravo Pope Benedict XVI for knowing when to stop! Not many do. I am not a great fan of this Pope, I am not a great fan of any Pope. My convent school saw to that but at least the 85 year old head of the Roman Catholic Church knows when to call a halt.

His predecessor Pope John Paul II did not. His horrible end must have been an eye opener and a warning to Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger to bow out early. It always amuses me that the Pope as the chosen head of the one and only church that counts is not just allowed to die in the quickest possible way as his welcome into heaven is absolutely assured but Popes do seem to linger. Is it perhaps they are unsure of the possible future? Anyway this Pope has obviously had enough.

Don't think the next Pope is going to be any different. Pope Pius IX saw to that in 1870 at the first Vatican Council when he had all future Popes declared infallible in matters of dogma. The dogma of the time was set in stone and as it is all revealed dogma nothing, not one word of the bible or Acts of Apostles is allowed to be changed. So so women priests, no married priests and no birth control! 

Believe me I am right on this one see Wikipedia. This is the official Vatican version but I see it is being challenged as not subjective. What fun!

So Ratzinger leaves with some dignity as anyone can who covered up the abuse of young boys by his priests and forbade condoms to prevent the spread of HIV Aids. Goodness knows how many he killed doing that. I am not sad to see him go. He believes in invisible magic friends and I don't.

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