Sunday, July 17, 2011

I hate sport!

I hate sport. I can' help it ever since I was a four year old I have hated football and cricket. My grandfather who ran Wembley Stadium used to watch it on TV for hours and hours and even then it bored me stiff.

The hours and hours that is devoted to sport on television has had no effect on me whatsoever and considering sport takes up half of every news programme on radio and television and has since I was a child many years ago just goes to show how little effect constant  indoctrination can have on occasions.

So it was refreshing to read Germaine Greer's  blog on the subject of women's sport  in today's Telegraph. Like me Greer has little time for male games of supremacy but is appalled at the discrimination against women that is still associated with the whole topic.

Personally I get no kick from beating someone at something even for fun. Winning a game even ping pong makes me feel sorry for my opponent. I feel guilty at my success. This is possibly why I am the world's worst Association Croquet player. It gives me no fun to see my opponent sitting on the side for hours while I go around in one go but this triait is necessary if one is to succeed at this game. You have to take pleasure in your opponents frustration.

For men it seems, sport is a substitute for war. It gives them the opportunity legitimately to thrash a rival team and glory in their defeat without actually killing anyone.  The time and money devoted to this end seems to me out of proportion with it importance on the world seen. After having discussed wars and famines the news presenter smiles and says 'and now sport' as if it was on the same level as millions dying of starvation!

Women are not interested in sport. I know this because I edited a woman's sports magazine and in fact market research showed only 2.5% were interested. Sales figures showed this was about right. I was horrified and depressed to find many advertisers would not support women's sport as they were afraid that their male followers would refuse to buy a product that was favoured by women.  The worst offender in NZ was Apple Juice!

Women have come far in the discrimination stakes but still have a fair way to go.  However I must admit I love watching male tennis!

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