Friday, July 29, 2011

World Population 7 Billion. Are There Too Many of us?


Today the world's population has reached 7 Billion, up from 6 billion in only 14 years and will reach 8 billion in another 12! I find this alarming. Admittedly I shall not be here to worry about it but I do worry as I 'do worry' about the future of my species. There are just too many of us.

It seems to have escaped the powers that run the world's notice that unless we conquer space rapidly the world is going to run out of resources.  Surprise, surprise. There is only so much we can plunder. With  exception of the Chinese no super power with the  seems to be taking the population problem seriously.

Most of the counties with rampent population growth are under the hands of the clerics. Iran springs immediately to mind. No birth control, no abortion and marriage for girls at the age at 13 when their education comes to an abrupt halt means disaster for them and overcrowding for everyone. The Pope could help too in this area.  Boys are preferred and in China and India there will not be enough girls to go around which will led to wars and frustration.

Instead of planing for 8 billion wouldn't it be a good idea to halt the increase? The results of overpopulation are distressing. I saw a film of babies washing in a public fountain in the Philippines. The poor mothers had nowhere else to bath them and it made uncomfortable viewing as one knew there was no hope for them growing up with a chance of a reasonable life.

Surely today with the progress of technology and sensible living one should be able to look after ones self in old age and not require thousands of young immigrants to pay the taxes in aging populations. Admittedly at the end if one lives long enough one will need help as most elderly have no families to look after them. The young are too busy coping for themselves.

Now the whole world is suburbia. 'If it is green cover it with concrete' seems to be the order of the day. Well I have news for the planners. You can't eat concrete!

On that happy note Have a good day!

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