Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Death Of Capitalism

It looks as if we are witnessing the death of Capitalism. How do I know? Well the BBC World is running a series on this topic as I write, that's one ref and then the next ref is provided by my late mother. She forecast the death of this monetary system over 30 years ago. My mother was never wrong!

For once I agree with both her and the BBC. Capitalism has promised much but delivered little. Not surprising really when the system relies on continual growth  and by that I do not mean the overwhelming growth of the world's population which is a major part of this system's demise but the resources of the planet that cannot sustain this type of exploitation.

A system that relies on the winner taking all and the loser getting nothing is no longer sustainable as the winners get fewer and richer as the great global corporations take over everything and the dispossessed majority have nothing. Even States now are losers as the great corporations can move locations at will avoiding income and company tax which states rely upon to service their citizens.

Health is left to the individual so are the facilities that allow these corporations to exist, roads, railways, education. Capitalism reaps the benefits for free and contributes nothing.

The business model of 'do what it takes to win regardless and go for a weaker competitor' frame of mind that is taught to my horror in business schools. I actually went to one for a couple of months and was shocked at the lack of morals which possibly explains why I am not a millionaire, is at the heart of this decline in Capitalism.

The bully boy tactics no longer work. Capitalism is on its last legs. It needs a thorough overhaul and a reincarnation which it might get in the next six weeks.

Hopefully the politicians will get it into their heads that change is necessary. Real revolutions are usually bloody affairs.

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