Thursday, September 1, 2011

Monemvasia my idea of heaven

Far way places with strange sounding names and one cannot get more far away than Monemvasia!

Monemvasia? Where's that?

Greece! It is the Gibraltar of Greece. I only went for one afternoon but I fell in love with it and I would love to live there. Completely impossible and out of the question but nevertheless if money was no object this is where I should choose.

It is just a big rock that is approached by a causeway, at least it was in 1972 when I visited and the only way in was by a medieval door which still had its original looking hinges. Once through this tiny doorway one entered  a world way back in time. It was charming, a word that is overworked but there is no other way to describe it.  Whether it is still the same today I know not and I am not going back to find out.

The sea was as blue as it is in my old photo. That is me! The old ruined houses had pots of the reddest geraniums. The sun was hot! I could quite happily have stayed forever. I enjoy isolation, not always, but I need space. I enjoy my own company which is just as well when one has a compromised immune system.

I loved the isolation Monemvasia offered. In 1972 to live there would have been impossible but today with Greece part of the EU and with modern technology well one could.

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