Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cold Calling Jehova Witnesses

Today I had a call from The Jehova Witnesses. Usually I see off these calls with a curt 'Don't have the time' a la Karen from Outnumbered but I had a few moments to spare and I wanted to try out an argument based on the Creation Myth that had hit me a couple of years ago at the time of Darwin's Double Centenary.

The ladies looked and indeed were delightful and about my age so with the warning that  they were about to enter the house of a died in the wool atheist they bravely decided to come in on the condition that I should listen to them for five minutes and then they had to listen to me and then give me their opinion.

They accepted. They were charming, intelligent and totally uneducated in science.  Women of my age were. The social contract of the time saw to that. Boys were educated and  girls like me were not. Children who were lucky enough to go to state schools had a chance of escaping but middle class women were sent to convents and that is the problem.

All of us had received no education in sex or science and were taught to believe what we had been told. Only the rebellious like me escaped the heavy indoctrination. These two ladies had never met anyone who was in favor of The Modern Scientific Theory of Evolution only the opposite variety.

I listened to what they had to say and then I had my turn. It was a  friendly meeting with no conflict and I choose my words carefully  as I had no wish to offend but they had knocked on my door and wanted to talk about this touchy subject so I felt free to put my side of the equation. I broached the unmentionable subject of Adam & Eve and that Sin. Because it had struck me in a Eureka moment two years ago that of course if they didn't exist, they couldn't have sinned! Darwin had killed the bible because he had doubted the existence of this first very human couple. Darwin could not prove their non existence but today we can with DNA. Not a trace of the couple and if they had lived they would show up.

For those who have forgotten Adam & Eve, to whom we are all supposed to be related, Sinned and God the Father who had made them in his own likeness was so peeved that he sentenced the whole human race to eternal torture in hell. Totally unacceptable today as one would never condemn anyone for guilt by association but this loving God is not like that.

Adam & Eve are the basis of the whole saga and today DNA can prove beyond all doubt that this pair never existed and could never have sinned thus proving that the bible is a story and of course none of us is related to this couple so we are not even guilty by association. This of course relegates the bible to  the waste paper bin.

There is of course no answer to this! Except that the world is only 6,000 years old which of course it isn't. The ladies took it well and I did not push my advantage. One lady was 78 and I must admit it may be too old to change and indeed why should she if it gives her pleasure and makes her happy but the younger lady might. She was clever and I hope open to my suggestion. I showed her a fossil, an ammonite from the pre Cambrian. She was fascinated. They both were and as neither could use a computer  I suggested they buy one for Xmas and make up for lost time and take a basic science course say Science made Easy on YouTube by Potholer54.

I was lucky. I met my husband who filled in the gaps in my education but these two excellent likable ladies have not until today when they met me. We had a delightful morning and I must be the only person alive who experienced two Jehova Witnesses who were actually longing to go! It was their good and bad luck to meet me. It was a pity their teachers let them down.

At least I made them think! My experiment was a success. I managed to put my point of view without confrontation or coming to blows and there I shall leave it.

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