Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Too many people?

Oh dear the world is going through a difficult stage. There are just too many of us and not enough jobs to go around. Technology has seen to it that, except for a very few mind blowingly boring jobs, the amount of people needed to make everything the world's consumer could desire is minute in ratio to the world's population and in the future jobs for every one is not possible as it was in the past.

Capitalism good as it was in the past for some of us no longer works for the majority. Developed countries have seen all their manufacturing jobs exported to Asia and not one political party in the West bothered to consider what was going to happen to the thousands put out of work or where these people were going to find new jobs.

What this crisis needs is a genius to come up with some new answers. Somehow the world has to work out how to pay for all the billions who don't have a hope in hell of finding a good old fashioned boring job. Growth and capitalism no longer work as it used to do so politicians should stop castigating their electorates about hard work and self reliance put on their thinking caps  and start finding them something purposeful to do to fill up their lives. Self reliance has had its day. It is just not possible for all of us to have a job that pays.

Nature will of course solve the population problem in the end but probably in a very unpleasant way.

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