Thursday, March 21, 2013

Perfumes that make me feel like living


Perfume Love it! Love the smell, love the luxury, makes me feel good. I buy a bottle a year. 

Favorites? Le De by Givenchy, sadly discontinued but I have one unopened bottle for when I die. My taste ranges fromYardley's English Lavender, Madam Roche, Este Lauder's best seller, forget the name but not the smell, Champagne/Ypresse and today Zinniba.

Quite like Argent Provocateur as it smells like violet/rose cream hand made chocolates and I love those.

I love one old 30's perfume called Carnet du Bal, heavy and rich and I likeBal du Versailles which a Paris perfumer assured me was worn by the Queen! It smelt wonderful and I could not afford it.  

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