Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Adobe Muse tablet- iPad issue- scrolling won't work- jerky or frozen screen Oct 2015

Adobe Muse users - Site won't load in Tablet design on an iPad? Won't scroll? If it does, it is jerky and sticks  or freezes? Screen white down the side? Desktop and phone version working perfectly? At wits end trying to get the bloody thing to work? 

Yet if you click and hold refresh button on the iPad Safari browser and choose Request Desktop Site the tablet site pops up and works perfectly with scrolls and all the whistles and bells? Sometimes Safari does go to the real Desktop site and you will see your actual Desktop working perfectly if a bit small.

I have had this problem for about a week, being a Saturday and Sunday did not help as Adobe and Muse support unavailable so I had to play about for hours to work out what was happening. I was almost going to jettison the Tablet version and just go with Desktop and Phone as the net browsers  choose the smaller Phone version if given the choice. Not the best answer for me because the best phone versions are pretty, simplified lists.

Eventually after  hours of chat to Adobe and a wait for a call back that failed to materialize I got an Adobe expert in India who knew how to solve the problem and it is simple.

Adobe has an issue with uploading Tablet version to the iPad at the moment. The problem is all scroll effects and third party widgets that use these. They stop or interfere with the loading and make it jerky, wrong screen size and make the iPad impossible to use. One has to have a set screen size not 100%.

The Answer?

At the moment it is to remove all scroll effects and third party widgets that use them from the Tablet and a set width size.

For me that meant virtually a new design.

Naturally I am pleased that now my site loads and scrolls like velvet, albeit in a very boring form.

Adobe you know this! Please put up a notice  that we can find easily when we Google the issue,  to tell your users the solution instead of us all having to reinvent the wheel. Time for most costs money. I have the luxury of being semi-retired but I am reaching the end of my sell-buy date so time for me is precious and I do want my site up.

Hopefully Adobe will solve this issue soon and issue an update. Please Adobe make it as good as Request Desktop Site upload so I can have a website worthy of what Muse can do and I can make my Dancing Angel fly again. Well scroll down and land on letter W!

Love Muse. It is just so clever and creative.

My site  new site should be available in a few days at but sadly minus all scroll effects. However I do have a very cool versa slide from Muse Themes that works  a treat. Both Adobe and Muse Themes are great by the way and this is by no means a complaint but a suggestion in a kind and loving way!

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