Friday, October 2, 2015

How an NZ Minister Jonathan Hunt handled Gun Advertising in NZ

Another mass shooting in America': Oregon killings a grim familiarity for US

Gun control.  

To my USA friends who all seem to have difficulty with this subject.

Yet again the world watches in horror at another school shooting. Obama is right on this one. You ought to do something about it. Each one of you.

I can hear you all now saying What can I do to stop this carnage? Nothing! But you can! If you really wanted to stop it and I hope you do, you could. All it needs is public outrage and a strong politician who knows right from wrong and is not in the hands of the NRA.

I put a stop to gun advertising on TVNZ many years ago.

To my horror I saw a TV advertisement late at night after 10 pm for Gun Shed, an outfit selling guns and ammunition from a large barn. To my mind this was indefensible so I made an appointment to see The Minister in charge of guns and TV advertising. His name was Jonathan Hunt and I went to see him.

I simply told the Minister  how offensive and immoral I found this sort of advertising which if allowed to continue would only escalate and lead to deaths.

The Minister's reaction was immediate and authoritative. He told me that he had not known of these advertisements until I told him and they would stop! They did. All gun advertising was removed from NZTV for years. Just like that, although I expect it has crept back but as nobody watches TVNZ any more it is of little consequence. He did the right thing and stopped it.

That USA is how you do it if you really, really want to stop this murder. You all have to stand and say enough is enough. Obama will do it. He wants to do it. Let him and reclaim your country.

If I can do it  you can do it!

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