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Philomena The Film The Book and

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Here is the rejected review

 Philomena the book - The other side of the story.

I came to this book via the film of the same name which I had enjoyed. I often
seem to see the film first and the read the book. I expected more of the same
as the reviews of the film did admit to dramatic license and having experienced
Irish Catholic nuns for myself I was curious to know more.

The book is very very different from the film. Perhaps the name and the first section
 in the convent is all they have in common. From then on the film is about Philomena
 and the book is about her son Michael. From the moment he leaves the convent the
 book is about him. In the film this amazing man hardly gets a look in. I suppose
 because he was gay and the book is quite frank about his choice of lifestyle. Not 
 shocking for most of us but enough to make film distributors anxious. The film
 would have been better if it were more like the book.

The film was hard on Micheal's partner who in the film is depicted as an unhelpful
 man and deservedly hard on the RC church which behaved in the way it usually does. 
The book by contrast hardly dwells on Philomena herself, the USA visit never took
 place, and is far more truthful about the whole discovery process which I preferred. 
Truth is always stronger than fiction.

I did enjoy it. I suppose for most of us convent educated girls reading this is a form
 of masochism as we relive our school days with horrible nuns and creepy priests 
which we can recognise only too well. The good thing is that if you have seen the film
 you actually see the convent and surroundings so ones imagination does not have
 to work so hard.

What a pity the film did not have the courage to do it this way.

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Here is my accepted Amazon review:

This is a very difficult book to review because of its topic. My first review 
was rejected by Amazon because I mentioned this topic. So I will just have
to say I enjoyed it. It was different from the film because the focus was on
the child not the mother. The child and mother are both amazing.

I was astonished that my first review was rejected. It should not have 
been rejected but it was. My last review was useful and I encouraged you
to read it book I still do so.

This shows what happens when Belief Systems are in control. 

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