Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Joys of Cooking a Joint.

Some weeks life my can be so boring ! The highlight of my week is having the car serviced which is happening today. It does so few kilometers a year it hardly seems worth it but I am told it is necessary to change the oil.

That and my Bosch oven which took 4 hours to cook a leg of lamb on Sunday and I thought that was a tads too long. Was frustrated when I was told by the so called expert that it was probably incorrectly installed and he went on that if this was the case 'they couldn't 'do' anything about it!!!!' Had I the installation instructions? The expert would not do a temperature test unless he had seen these first.

The expert felt that the oven probably did not have enough ventilation and pontificated about incorrect kitchen installation. I explained it was just a replacement oven and the sales person had said nothing about installation. I was quite cross as I felt if the oven needed ventilation I should have been told.

I felt as if I was a complete failure. I mean am I supposed to be a qualified electrician? That is what I pay the experts for. Who keeps all the bits of paper that come with electrical appliances? I had the instruction book and the receipt.

I was not a happy camper! After I calmed down I did a 'Google' and found the installation instructions for this oven in thirty seconds flat. He had the oven number and could have done this himself. I can see nothing about ventilation. It just says it fits all normal kitchen cabinets.

So I await the 'Expert' with newly found confidence.

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