Friday, September 3, 2010

The Royal Windsor Hotel Brussels

The Royal Windsor Hotel Brussels

When I was trying to sell my children's ballet series 'Dance Tales' to an unwilling world, I took with me a stuffed toy animal, a Snark. The ballet was not really appreciated but my 'Snark' caused a sensation and so it came to pass that I had to go to Brussels to meet the creator of the Smerfs. At the time I had no idea and what an honour this was.

I was staying with my parents in Bournemouth during this period and I booked a short four day weekend with a travel agent as this  was the cheapest way. The cheap offers were all filled so I went for the first time for the superior option. I had no idea of just what a brilliant choice I had made.

I arrived in Brussels at around 10 pm tired and exhausted and for the first time in my life nobody could speak English. Maybe it was late or maybe the Belgians did not feel like helping me out but I had to brush off my school girl French and try and work out the directions to the Royal Windsor Hotel which I worked out was within walking distance.

My problem was I mistook my 'droit' from my 'guoche'  and 'eglises' and 'escaliers' and it took me a bit of time to work out my mistake. It then started to rain but eventually I arrived at the Royal Windsor Hotel tired and frustrated. It was like magic. I walked into a fairyland of comfort and good manners. Such a change from the railway station.

Being a performing artist I have spent many years of my life in hotels, usually not very good ones but with the occasional five star thrown in. Most have a flaw with which up one puts but the Royal Windsor Brussels was an exception. It was warm and welcoming and it immediately made me feel welcome.

I was shown to my small but perfectly decorated room and my schoolgirl French got a bit better. 'Il fait beau' I exclaimed and the porter was nice enough not to point out that I had the wrong article as 'Chambre' is femine! But soon I was in a superbly comfy soft bed, down pillows sipping hot chocolate and sung and safe eating the chocolates left on the pillow .

Next morning breakfast arrived on a huge tray. It must have taken an age to put it all together. I remember the starched napkins were the softest rose pink and again chocolates and a rose were provided. I was in heaven.

The soaps provided in the Bathroom which was also pink had came in little plum plastic soap boxes and had the most delicious perfume. I saved everyone and only last year did throw the final one away.

This hotel had been so unexpected. It was centrally placed, just steps away from the Grand Place. It was the perfect place for a Brussels holiday and I enjoyed really my one and only real holiday of my life which was unplanned but oh so enjoyable. I have never experienced another quite like it and now that I can no longer travel I never shall.

That was a few years ago but the photos today give and idea of the style and grandeur that I experienced. I shall never go back as I might be disappointed but oh I wish every hotel was like The Royal Windsor Hotel Brussels.

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