Thursday, September 2, 2010

1st September - First Day of Spring

It still seems strange to me that the first day of Spring should be the first of September and in Auckland Spring arrives on cue. Yesterday was dank and gloomy but this morning I awoke to the smell of Spring.

The day was soft and balmy so different from last week's terrible Sunday when I got caught in the hail storm in the open. It made me feel so good that I went back to the Auckland Botanic Gardens to get the close ups of the daffodils that I missed.

Even the fact that I could not find my expensive tripod anywhere before I left and although I felt sure I had bought it home I came to the conclusion that I must have left it in a bush at the Auckland Botanic Gardens in my haste to get out of the storm did not upset me! The heavy traffic on the Harbour Bridge did not upset me and the fact that hoards of children were demolishing the last of the daffodils did not upset me.

Then I saw the tuis! These are rare honey eating NZ native birds who have a brilliant voice due to a having two voice boxes and I filmed them in a feeding frenzy in the cherry trees. They are affectionately called The Parson Bird because of the two white feathers under their chins that look like dog collars. Like parrots tuis are very intelligent and excellent singers. Would I has their top notes.

The traffic was heavy on the way home. nasty accident on the bridge had backed up traffic for miles but even that did not upset me.

When I got home I found my tripod in the broom cupboard. Unexpected visitors had made me do a quick tidy! That really made my day.

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