Sunday, March 20, 2011

Crucified Chickens to be displayed in all classrooms by law!

Crucified Chickens to be displayed in all classrooms

Today the European Court of Rights have decreed that it is allowable for cultural religious icons to be displayed in all school classrooms regardless that such sadistic symbols could be disturbing to chicken lovers and atheist pupils.

This landmark decision in the Strasbourg Court , overturning its previous decision, will apply across Europe.

The above statement and image are both sadistic and unacceptable in any civilized society. It is meant to shock. Many of my friends will find this unacceptable and yet this is what happened this week when the European Court of Humans Rights allowed the display of crucifixes in all Italian Schools. The only difference is that it is a horrible scourged and tortured human male dying in agony on a cross  that is to be displayed instead of a chicken. Living in the Western culture we are conditioned from birth to 'accept' the 'unacceptable' and in fact sadly nowadays it is the tortured chicken that has the most impact not the human being. We have been lulled into accepting this image as if it were normal. I find this disgusting. 

Ever since my first day at school I have found this sadistic icon disturbing. I saw the indescribable pictures from Belsen when I was four that changed my life. I grew up that moment and seeing a badly tortured man on the classroom wall as I walked in the door on my first day at school was not welcoming. I had to endure the crucifix for another eight years. I had to live with it. I never got over it!

I find this practice a perfect example of sadism, that is the pleasure of the infliction of pain or humiliation upon another person. An acting dominant partner in this case The Vatican desires to exercise emotional control over an unwilling other the children.

I hated and feared that crucifix. In the more boring moments of my Convent Education where everything except religion was taught exceedingly badly I would empathize with the tortured man and wonder what it would be like to have nails driven through one's hands and feet and the pain involved of hanging nailed to a cross. This was all presented graphically. Not abstract versions here. It filled in many dull lessons.

There must be many children like me who find the whole concept unthinkable and yet these religions have such power that they insist that this form of sadism can be done lawfully. In Italy no child can escape. I consider this practice tantamount to child abuse.

You would not allow your child to be taught every day of its school life with a dead chicken displayed  reverentially in every classroom let alone one one plucked, mutilated, nailed to a cross with the blood flowing out pictured in graphic detail topped of with a crown of thorns. It is unthinkable and yet that is what is now allowed lawfully in Europe.

The judges must have gone mad. They must have lost their senses The power of the Vatican in Europe to insist that this is done is a warning that theocracy is always with us. Crucifixes first, the Inquisition next!

Let us hope that something can be done.

I still feel guilty about pointing this out. The nuns were very good at 'guilt'. I must just overcome my upbringing and say this is wrong!

PS. After years of wondering what it would be like to have a nail driven through one's foot I found out. A  badly parked bicycle fell on my foot and  brake handle went straight through from front to back. With great presence of mind I looked at it and pulled it out. It didn't hurt a bit that day. It did for about the next six months. I still have the scar.


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  1. Great post, Janette, which I was directed to by the National Secular Society.
    It's a well known psychological fact that the human brain will accept anything as normal if it is exposed to it regularly from a young age, and all religions play on this.
    Thankfully, secularism seems to be on the rise, and more and more children are growing up without the skewed world view that you were made to accept, and which makes you feel guilt even to this day.
    Keep up the blogging!