Saturday, March 12, 2011

Japan's Nuclear Power Disaster?

Just as you think things cannot get any worse they do! First the earthquake in Christchurch which was  a major disaster for a small country. This was topped yesterday by the horror of the latest earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the worst since records have been kept which was tragic enough only now to have the threat of a melt down in two of Japan's eleven nuclear reactors. This might be the greatest disaster going.

In retrospect is seems so stupid to have built these highly dangerous 'things' on the Pacific Ring of Fire. It is no good having your buildings earthquake proofed only to have a catastrophe from the melt down of nuclear power stations built where they didn't ought to be built. Why on earth did they do it?  Did those in power think such a force 9 earthquake would never happen? Even I who have no formal science education can see that this was not a 'good idea'.

At least New Zealand does not have this problem but it is no thanks to the rest of the Western World. We know that we live in a dangerous country which is liable to major earthquakes. We know that nuclear power is not for us as it is too risky. Any form of nuclear power be it in the form of submarines or war ships or storing bombs and missiles  is not for us.

NZ  has two of the most dangerous harbours in the world, Wellington has had  a maritime disaster just off shore where 53 people lost their lives in sight of land. Can you imagine what would happen if a nuclear warship was sunk in Wellington Harbour as could happen as the Cook Straight is lethal for shipping. Mother Nature does not differentiate between ships of nations. She sinks them all, a Russian Cruise Ship was the latest example. Mark you the master was drunk!

And yet the USA cut NZ off from all treaties because we would not let in their nuclear ships. For years poor little New Zealand has been treated as an enemy for being nuclear free. David Longy  our Labour Prime Minister was ostracized for his stance on our behalf and our Prime Ministers were never invited to the White House officially. This has only just stopped but even today we are not a favoured trade partner. We have to go it alone with all sorts of trade barriers.

To rub salt into the wound USA will not alow its nuclear ships into its major ports say New York  or San Francisco as it it too dangerous but expects their nasty dangerous ships to enter our ports known to be the most dangerous in the world.

Today in the light of the earthquakes in Japan and Christchurch New Zealand's nuclear free stance does not look so silly. .First  USA nuclear bombs and now this bought on by the foolishness of their government. Lets hope it will never happen again.  We all sympathize with the citizens of Japan who really do not deserve this.

Nuclear Free is the only safe way to go!

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