Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Tragedy of John Galliano

Sometimes one goes one step too far! Sometimes one just says three words too many! Three little words that one will regret having uttered for the rest of one's life.

Much as one wants too one can never take them back. One's relationship of trust and one's reputation can be lost in a instant. As a theatrical opera and TV director producer this has happened to me on many occasions and I knew immediately that my carefully nourished partnership with an already under confident singer had gone 'down the plug hole'!

All singers have this problem, it is part of the territory The words never to say are 'You're a bit Flat'. Devastating!

Last week in Paris the talented and outrageous  designer for The Fashion House of Dior did just this. Three words caught on film in an off guarded moment and it was curtains.

It is a tragedy for John Galliano, he had risen from obscurity to fame and fortune. I love his designs myself. I have blogged about him. I love what he does with material, it is clever and innovative and brilliant. People who achieve his position of fame grow to think they are above criticism, like Calligula the depraved Roman Emperor,  have the confidence to believe that they can get away with anything.
President Gadollfi of Libya is in the same boat.

It is the intoxication of power which as we all know corrupts absolutely and eventually all dictators unless they are kept in hand get their comeuppance. It is a matter of time!

All of us are guilty in some respects of the tragedy of this man. Throughout his career Galliano has been encouraged and paid a fortune to be outrageous. He was outrageous as a student and then at Givenchy and now at Dior. That was why the company hired him for his ability to shock so it must come as 'no surprise' when Mr. Galliano has now gone one step too far. Dior sacked him!

It is very difficult to keep on 'shocking' as directors of horror movies have found out. The public has an insatiable desire to be shocked and so producers have to go further and further in their quest for the next big shock. To some extent Galliano succeeded beyond his dreams. Front page 'shock' but unfortunately for him this time it has had a rebound that may end his career as a 'l'enfant terrible'.

Fashion Houses are fond of this type of young designer who has the ability to come up with something new and desirable but these designers are by nature 'fragile' and need careful handling.  Sadly Galliano had no such minders around on this occasion and his self confidence seems to have got the better of him

Like me Galliano will now know the meaning of 'three little words too many' and there are times when it is advisable to keep one's mouth shut.

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