Monday, August 29, 2011

Murder THE Surprise of my life.

There comes to a stage in one's life when nothing surprises one very much. I suppose Being an optimist I believed that although I knew I was not going to conquer the world, being born a woman and not of royal blood made that highly unlikely but that I would in my time met a lot of interesting and famous people.

In fact I have and I think possibly everyone can meet famous or interesting people if they make an effort even if it is only at the stage door. I have meet virtually everyone I wished to meet some by accident, I bumped into Princess Ann in St Martins Lane, or my own effort but what I never ever thought I should meet or know were the victims of two grisly murders. I mean it is just not British! Comparatively few people get murdered so the chances of knowing even one must be few. I was wrong!

I never ever imagined that I should actually know two of them. One of them well.

What brought this to my notice was the murder in Malaysia of the New Zealand President of The World Association Croquet  whom I had met on one or two occasions as I played croquet, unsuccessfully, when my husband died.   I hardly knew victim number one as I am such a novice player. Unless one has a handicap of minus five one is not likely to get noticed in croquet circles but it was close. Why on earth  a president of a world association should stopped off at a Malaysian holiday resort which is well known as a sex hot spot I have no idea but no doubt it was not a wise thing to do. No doubt we shall find out.

My second murder victim I did know well. He was the secretary of the local stamp club, yes I collect postage stamps, and anyone less likely to get murdered would be hard to imagine. We would meet every month at the club or exhibitions and the man was a picture of respectability. His name was Rob. He was well regarded in the stamp world and had a special interest in youth stamp weekends. This should have raised alarm bells I suppose but it didn't.

He could be secretive. Once when I was standing next to him at a stamp fair I asked to see what he was buying. It was a miniature sheet of Victoria Universals which I also collect and he wouldn't show me. I found this strange as stamp collectors like showing off their treasures to anyone who shows the slightest interest. He became secretive and huffy. However he was jovial and pleasant and patronizing and upright as so many men are where I am concerned.

So it came as somewhat of a surprise to read on the front pages of the news and TV that he had been murdered. It was a full Agatha Christie murder, body found in his home bashed to death. Eventually the murderer was caught and arrested and we found out at the trial, where the murderer pleaded guilty that respectable Rob had a penchant for picking up young gentlemen off the streets and taking them home.

Nothing wrong with that but regretfully this one killed him!

I am not easily astounded or gobsmacked but this time I was. I had no idea that Rob had another secret life life other than stamps! But he did. I wish for him he had not as I had no desire ever to know a murder victim. It just goes to show we never really know people. They can surprise the best of us.

However I suppose after two home invasions and a couple of attempted rapes from which  I have lived to tell the tale I suppose I could be a victim myself one day!

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