Monday, January 9, 2012

Ever heard of Lie Bumps?

Have you ever heard of lie bumps? Until a week a go I hadn't and neither had my doctors. It took me a good Google and Wiki to track them down but they have made the start of 2012 memorable in a nasty unpleasant way.

Lie bumps or Transient lingual papillittis as they a officially known are infected taste buds that are all over your tongue. You probably have experienced that annoying enlarged bobble that suddenly arrives on your tongue and is so annoying that eventually you get your teeth around it and bite it off and indeed this is an old wives's cure not officially sanctioned.

My lie bumps arrived this week on Tuesday night to be exact with a bout of wretching in the middle of the night. Never be ill on a public holiday. The medical system comes to a complete stop. I did go to the all night emergency but at that time there was nothing to see. All changed over the next few days.

It was not until Thursday that I noticed these strange, extremely sore and sensitive lumps on the back of my tongue. By this time my right ear was infected. I saw a female doctor and she was puzzled but I said I had researched on Wiki and I think I knew what they were. If you tried this with a male doctor you would get short shrift! She looked it up and agreed.

They are not dangerous and should go away but I have lots of them, hence the infected ear and worst of all I can hardly eat. The pain is excruciating! The nearest thing I can give as a example is shingels in the mouth. The antibiotics for the ear will not cure the virus based lie bumps and have given me tinnitus as well, sounded like a police siren but fortunately this has stopped.

It seems the lie bumps take 15 days to clear. I shall be a skelington by then!

So not a great start to 2012. Trust me to get something unusual!

Update Friday 29 June 2012

Six months later I feel I must write a postscript for anyone reading this and it has surprisingly been one of my most viewed blogs.

Yes lie lumps are harmless but they could indicate something that if allowed to continue could kill you and today many doctors fail to recognize the symptoms namely lie lumps and a sore tongue can be a sign of Vitamin B12 deficiency or Pernicious Anemia. In India B12 deficiency is the first thing a Doctor thinks of.

I had B12 deficiency. I became ill in December 2011 but it took till February 2012  till my GP did a blood test. This test might never have been done. What might have followed is to awful to contemplate and it is it has taken 6 months to sort of recover as it is. It has been most unpleasant.

My suggestion is if you experience lie lumps have a B12 blood test. I cannot harm you and it may save you a life of misery.

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