Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

A New Year has dawned. 2012 has arrived in a blaze of downpours. We have been deluged in Auckland and I believe Christchurch has been hit with yet another earthquake. They happen so frequently these days that everyone is rather blaze about them. 'Oh yes, only 5.9 nothing to get excited about'.

2011 was so wonderful that the thought of 2012 scares me a bit. Being of a mature age  every day is now a gift so I have to use my time wisely. I have decided to start a separate blog Janette Miller's Strange Life where I am going to write about some of the strange events that have colored my life. I did not ask for any of this. I should have preferred a more normal existence but it was not to be.

The reason I am writing this is mainly for my grand daughter who I shall never really get to know. I want her to at least know a bit about the real me. In my blogs I am franker than I am in real life as I do hold what many many consider extreme positions on some subjects that socially should never be mentioned and in real life I don't but in my Strange Life Blog I shall. I am too old now to worry about  being cut off Christmas Card lists.

Doing it this way makes me do it but this blog is not going to be my major project for 2012. My DVD of Schubert's 'Die Winterreise' is Project numero uno! I have recorded the 24 Songs again. I did them in a sound studio just before my husband Miles died and you can see his appreciation here . But we did it in two one hour sessions and on the latter Miles was very ill so the 24 songs were by no means perfect. Neither of us were at our best. His last comments on leaving the studio were that 'Someone could put the wrong bits right' and ten years later much to his surprise I can. I am doing the cycle as my own personal Winter Journey. Traditionalists can ignore it but Schubert Songs are so approachable they can be reinterpreted ad infinitum.

For relief I am going to make a food DVD with the help of the artistry of my local butcher. He is a real butcher and I like real food. The way my butcher butchers a  lamb carcass in ten  minutes is sheer magic and like bookbinding a dying craft.

Of course there is my garden to consider. It is so easy to manage  as it looks after itself but I am going to go for more lilies and gladdies next year so I have to plan ahead.

Then there is my novel, yes I have written one of those and my short stories that I intend to self publish this year. The novel is teamed with a CD, a chapter a song and I still have to do some work on that to make it fit.

With all those projects I shall be kept busy for a year and I don't expect to finish them all but it is important at my age to have a project on the go. In my experience them without projects die!

Lastly I intend to take two short holidays one in Rotorua to film some mud pools and if I have time I have a go at upgrading my web site as it looks awful on Google Chrome and I dread to think what it looks like on an iPad. but I have to upgrade my Adobe Suite and that is expensive and may have to be put off. It also will take months as Web designing is challenging.

But you never know with life! At my age I may not be here. Will I live to see the Olympic Games in London? Oh I do hope so. I am going to give it my best shot.

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