Friday, October 5, 2012

Google and Publishers see sense over Brittle Books

Sometimes I love Google and sometimes it drives me made both on the same day.

The love bit first! At long last the USA publishers have seen sense about Google's Books saving project and allowed Google to continue to scan the books of the world that are turning to dust, for posterity. This is seriously good news for everyone.

Instead of Google having to obtain permission from publishers no longer in existence, any USA publisher can now opt out. This makes great sense as 90% of authors and publishers have disappeared in the sands of time and cannot be found.

Now their books will be kept for future generations instead of ending up in the vacum cleaner. Congratulations.

Now the horrid bit. I had to use Google Apps to get my email to work so now I have two accounts and Google wants me to merge them. Simple for them but a nightmare for me. I'll probably have to close this blog as I won't be able to access it. Where is my brilliant Guru? Help. SOS. SCREAM!!!!!

I had hoped to put up my YouTube of Peter Goodwin explaining the Brittle Book Syndrome only to find it is now sound only. Gremlins? Now I have to find the old tape and put it up again!!!!! It had over 13,000 views too. It still sounds good! Goooooooogle!

Having spent the afternoon finding the old tape, remembering how to get it into Final Cut, re-editing and uploading I find the images have come back. Urrgh! Oh well made me digitize it.

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