Saturday, September 22, 2012

Why don’t women bank on getting to the top?

When Jenni Murray asks the questions, I expect snappy, knowledgeable answers. When she questions women who are brainy and of high economic stature, I expect the answers to be closely argued and illuminating. In the studio were Dr Anne Sibert, professor of economics at Birkbeck College, and Frances Cairncross, who worked on the Economist for 20 years. “How long,” she asked, “until there’s a female governor of the Bank of England?” Telegraph 

Vicki Woods in today's Telegraph write's in answer to the above question Why don't women today get the top jobs? She gives many excellent reasons and it set me pondering so here are my thoughts on the subject.

The playing field isn't fair yet. It is much better than in my day when I couldn't even start. I wanted to be a TV director/producer and in those days I couldn't even get an interview so I never reached the starting line until I was 36! My male contemporaries had had 18 years experience. 

When I made my first and only TV series it was a finalist in international media awards but I had to have a male director as Auckland's TV's boys would not take orders from a woman! Eventually it was conceded that my name should be allowed on the credits as co-director. To my knowledge this is the only time this has happened.

Today women are allowed to start at the bottom of the hill and the men half way up. Going to Eton gives any male a big advantage but just being male helps. It is hard for women to catch up, let alone overtake.

The women that do are superwomen and should be applauded for their achievement.

Considering I was not allowed to start, I have done well but not as well as my  male colleagues. David Hemmings, Michael Crawford went viral. Hit the very top! I got half way but I am pleased with my achievement. If I had been a man with my talent and knowledge I should have been Director General of BBC or Artistic Director of both Ballet and Opera at Covent Garden and I think I should have done a better job but we shall never know. Nothing like being confident after the event!

So women will have to wait and fight for a bit longer but women shall get there eventually.

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