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Religion is for people who can't handle science - Matt Westwood

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This a comment by Matt Westwood on Platitude for the Day  which I found so amusing that I want to share it with you. Really I think it says it all.
Religion is for people who can't handle science. After all, it's difficult and complicated, and requires that you paid attention in school. Not the sort of pay attention where you all sit and recite the words by rote, but the sort of pay attention where you have to think hard when the teacher asks you a question. Not the sort of questions where you are asked things like: "What was it that Little Miss Muffet sat on?" but the sort of questions where you are asked things like: "If you drop a hammer from the height of one metre, how fast is it moving when it hits your toe?"
My elder sister, who had religion when in her teens (still got it, poor thing) considered it completely beneath her dignity to know anything about science, even basic physics (so such domestic knowhow about centre of gravity and coefficients of friction were deliberately a closed book to her, which is why she managed to demolish such a colossal quantity of crockery etc.) but if you were to profess to be ignorant of the fact that her personal spiritual humility was right up there with Jesus, you were in Deep Trouble. 
Matt Westwood 
For those who have not yet discovered the Rev Peter Hearty's  brilliant spoof blog on the BBC's totally biased four minutes of belief system drivel on the today programme  entitled Thought for the Day when a  group of enthusiastic religious believers are given their heads to say what ever they like safe in the knowledge that no one will contradict them Platitude for the Day is the antidote.

Non believers are not allowed which is rather unfair and very un-British.

With a few minutes of the BBC broadcast the Rev Peter gives his version of what has been said and if you have, as I had, to sit through hours of sermons on Sundays for  years on end this is a revelation.

So enjoy!


Every day the Rev Peter includes an image from APOD and today'simage is the moon arising over Mt. Victoria, Wellington,New Zealand where I live. I cannot embed it unfortunately but HERE IS THE LINK. This is not time lapse but real time.

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