Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Big warning if Google asks you to 'delink' don't. I lost my DIYTVMovies YouTube Channel!

Big warning if Google asks you to 'delink' don't.

When Google instructs you to delink when trying to link to a Google+ page that won't work don't do it because if you do you will lose your legacy YouTube Channel.  Delink ought to read DELETE. Once you have delinked  your YouTube Channel is in limbo. It is enough to make one cry and I did. Eight years of work gone in a puff.

Last night was perhaps one of the most most challenging of my life. My YouTube Channel DIYTVMovies which I started in 2008 and had over 70 original videos and I think 54,000 views has all my precious Book Binding videos, and my DIYTV Movies was removed permanently on one click which Google told me to do and it looks as if it is gone forever.  Google+ is a pain. I had to move to it and Google promised I would lose nothing and my videos were safe.

Google are trying to retrieve it. I had a comforting email from Stephanie with a load of click here instructions which I did to the letter. I got the temp page back but not DIYTVMovies which confidently tells me that this Channel has been removed permanently. And I really have not done anything to deserve this.

I keep my personal videos separate from my work as I don't want to bore my friends stiff. I did cry! It was like coming home and finding your house burnt down. I have some up on my personal channel but now many are missing. The ones on my garden have two versions one which I show to you and one short director's commentary showing how I did It. Those have gone.

So has my CV!! Never bore my friends with that so it was never up on my personal channel and now it never will be. It was the first video I ever made for a major job I could not take and it took hours of compiling. You going to get these too if I can find them.

I felt like death but I am a careful 'little thing' and I did back up! Today I spent hours trolling through old tapes, I still have a tape machine bought at huge expense when tape went out of fashion but today has been worth every penny. Then I have been able to download from the net and I shall backup everything. Take weeks but hey.......

It is a nightmare but every cloud has a silver lining and I found some nice shots of my late husband  Miles playing The Organ Grinder which I can use. So fingers crossed that Google can get it head around this.

Big warning if Google asks you to 'delink' don't. I am not alone a glance at the forum and there are hundreds in the same boat. 

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