Sunday, April 13, 2014

Gardens are like Countries

I have a garden. I love it and have taken care of it for forty years. It is tiny, just about three quarters of a tennis court. It was bare and empty when I first arrived but over the years it has filled up so now it is overflowing.

At first I took everything I was offered even if the plants were not suitable for the small space. Friends were happy to give me plants and still are. Some were invasive and crept in from the garden next door.  Just one tiny cutting could within a few years become a menace if allowed  to take over which they would do and all the natives would be swamped but some menaces are so pretty that I keep them firmly under control. I remove all weeds ruthlessly as the endanger my natives.

Some plants I love but it is a waste of time growing as they are not suitable for our sub tropical climate. I cannot grow any plants that require a good frost like peonies, apricots, apples, Tea roses. I used to have a go but they constantly let me down so now I am very picky about the plants I choose. Plants that require frost or all day sun are not suitable for my tiny garden. They would thrive elsewhere but not for me.

The plants I have I look after. I spend money on my garden. I know every plant and I look after them. I water and feed them at great expense but they look healthy and they are worth it. My garden is beautiful.

Now my small garden is full. My friends still want to give me plants but sadly I have told them that there is no more room. Plants are living things and I have no time or space for any more. Sadly I have told them no more plants at the moment. I never say never.

Countries are like gardens.

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