Friday, April 11, 2014

Traveller's Club 2014 - Penises only!

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Today the Traveller's Club one of the pillars of the Establishment surpassed itself by voting to continue its practice of discrimination against women. In 2014 the ownership of a penis is still a valuable commodity and screams out that any man however silly is still better than a woman even the Queen!

The Guardian reported this and as usual invited comments. I use these comment opportunities and this is what I wrote: 

This must be a record. Not one single comment from a woman on the topic of male clubs and their reluctance to accept women members so I suppose I must show the flag. It seems women are not interested in joining these last bastions of male privilege where the price of admission is the ownership of a penis and can you blame us.

However it is insulting to all women, insensitive, discriminatory and offensive that this could continue today. The Taliban is a good example but the Freemasons are another example of an all male club where if I were a penis owner I should be readily accepted.

By chance ladies I caught a glimpse of this all male club in action so you might be interested to know what you are missing. This may be moderated. I taught ballet and for 11 years used the local Freemason's Hall. It had a very ordinary entrance hall.  One night just before Xmas my little fairies had a dress rehearsal at about 7 pm. To our amazement the hall wall had disappeared and in front of us were about 50 men all dressed up as crusaders with swords and dirty white unironed tabards which had obviously not been shown to their wives The look on their crusaders faces when confronted with 15 little six year olds was something I shall never forget.

Here were all the notables of our small town looking silly. My fairies were astonished and so was I being the only adult female present. Consternation followed as obviously no woman was allowed to witness this and I am not surprised. It was so funny. I wondered if these men's wives were aware of what their husbands were up to.

Ladies they are playing at dressing up! They rehearse this sort of stuff.

Anyway red faces all around. The Masons were not amused. The hall walls were reassembled and we were asked to leave. I stuck to my guns and continued with my rehearsal. All Freemasons halls have a secret room I found out. This one was very well hidden. The Masons found the incident embarrassing. My fairies loved it.

I am not afraid of men. I was raised in this club having no female companions. I am allowed to join in most things, like trainspotting, stamp collecting, frogs spawning but I am not allowed to join their clubs! Why! because I don't have a penis. This makes men feel good. It is ridiculous.

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