Saturday, November 22, 2014

Ashoka Diamonds in Auckland Partridge Jewellers 150th Anniversary

Coincidence is part of life and yesterday I had an extreme example in Partridges's Jewellers in Queen Street Auckland.

I have always loved diamonds. What girl doesn't? One boyfriend diamond merchant! Sadly I was not the right faith but he was gorgeous, like his diamonds which came in little white very unglamorous packages which I was never allowed to see. 

When in South Africa with Noel Tovey, who has just been nominated for Australian 2014 Human Rights Award, I bought a tiny diamond. It was all I could afford. It was square cut but perfect. All D's. In Paris you see clothes, in New Zealand you see food but in South Africa you see diamonds. You soon get the hang of it.

I have never seen another diamond like mine until yesterday walking down Queen Street. I cannot buy but I look. There was my diamond's big brother. I couldn't resist going in to compare. It was an Ashoka Diamond, one of the finest cuts it the world. No doubt I know a good thing when I see it. All square cut diamonds are expensive as to get the rectangle an awful lot of diamond has to be shaved off.

Two other things while there the burglar alarm activated. What a drama. loud piercing alarm and lots of smoke. We were all locked in so it was scary. 

Next this NZ Herald article. The NZ jeweller is one of the few outlets in the world and Ms Goldberg was there yesterday!…

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