Saturday, April 25, 2015

Denby Ware Stoneware China Find in Hospice Shop

Lucky find, lucky day, 

In 1964 I went to Stratford On Avon with a boyfriend to see Love's Labours Lost  which featured a young Glenda Jackson  as The Princess of France. We drove from London in a white open topped Triumph Herald as it was a heavenly day. I had met Tony Brookes when touring in Stop the World I Want to Get Off  and at 18 although not rich was well off for my age. I was now in the West End and my star was rising.

We were early and so decided to explore the shops of the home of William Shakespeare as one does when one has discretionary income and I saw a set of six beautiful soup bowls. I had been introduced to these soup bowls by Pat Lancaster, one of London's Leading ladies whom I had met in Panto. She and her husband had a delightful but small terraced Georgian house in Flask Walk Hampstead which was just about as big as a small WC. Goodness knows how many million it is worth today. At lunch the soup bowls with lids enchanted me.

There  in a china shop was the set of Denby Ware soup bowls which I knew my mother would adore. The six bowls were very expensive £64. That was a fortune in those days. Every time I use them now for although I gave them to my mother she left them to me I think of that perfect day.  

This Wednesday I had to go to the District Court. I had had an altercation with my Bank and the only way to get something resolved these days is to gird one's loins and go to court.  The Court House was new and like a mausoleum. Nobody there at all and like a huge marble tomb. The BBC atrium used to scare me stiff so much so I used to avoid it. These places are designed to make one feel insignificant and it works on me. 

Being early and anxious I took myself off to the Hospice Shop and what did I see? A Denby Ware Coffee pot and 2 mugs that matched my soup bowls. I had left my purse in the car but I promised myself if I won my case I'd treat myself. Obviously they were an omen.

The Bank settled. I knew it would. I do not go to court if I know I can't win but you never know. They caved in immediately it got to their turn but I am not so young and I found it stressful. I never did when I was 18.

They cost NZ $35! In 1964 you'd have no change out of £100. Times change but I still love them. Makes a can of Campbell's look amazing and French Coffee warm and delicious. Nothing like a stoneware coffee pot. 

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