Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Elsa's Dream Experiment

 To embed or not to embed that is the problem. Will it or won't it?

 I have been trying to embed a Quicktime player so I can upload some of my recordings but as you can see I have had little success.

I have been so involved with Motion and Final Cut that I have almost forgotten how to work Dreamweaver. I know I used to be able to upload an MP3 but I have forgotten so I have had to relearn.

Lynda.com was busy. It has annoyingly revamped its home page as it had too may courses and of course I could not find anything and then the internet got busy.

Well eventually I got this far. I can link my MP3 to my web sight rather like a BBC Podcast only it isn't.

You have to click on the Lohengrin. It isn't that obvious. Much easier with the player!


But I have yet to manage an embed on this page. It is there! That tiny blue thing but it does not work!

Oh I love the web! Hours of frustration and naturally it will be easy when I find out.

And so to bed! I'll worry about the next bit tomorrow!

Embedding is so easy! Voila!

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