Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Anne Widdicombe unlikely Super Star of Strictly Dancing

In the words of Joyce Grenfell 'Stately as a galleon Anne Widdicombe glides across the floor ' and has become the super star of this season of Strictly Dancing.

I am not a fan of Ms Widdicombe, I do not like her politics, I do not care for her religion but I do like her dancing. It doesn't matter that Anne can't do the steps and looks as if her partner   'was creating a crop circle' as the Daily Mail  puts it. Anne does what the other contestants fail to do she actually dances, relishes the fact she can't and doesn't pretend she can and leaves the rest of the other celebrity couples who can't dance for toffee either but are acting like mad that they can, looking silly.

Dancing of any kind is not easy. It takes years of dedication and practise. It cannot be turned on in a few hours of rehearsal even if you are a celebrity with the whole parapahnailia of a professional production team behind you. Shows like this are charades, they are a mirage, they give out the message to the 'plebes' that it doesn't matter if you haven't put in the hours necessary to become proficient anyone can do it. They can't.

Anne Widdicombe knows that this is not possible and is a breath of fresh air as she sends the whole thing up sky high. Anne has that deliciously working class English sense of humour that cuts the charlatans down to size and the audience love her for it.

She is so 'awful' that it is sheer genius.

I hope she wins.

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