Thursday, November 4, 2010

To buy a Honda Hatch Back or not to buy?

How do you like my new car?

Only joking but when I was young this is the type of car I wanted and I had to wait until I was 55 before I bought my first real sports car a Mazda MX5 which I adored and still adore and only had to give it up when my husbnad died because a single woman cannot really run two cars in this day and age. De trop!

So I settled for the then new Honda Civic Hybred and indeed it has been my favourite car with the expception of the MX5, which is really makes me feel 'me' inside. Young, beautiful and naughty! Well that's the impression I like to give. I look as though butter wouldn't melt in my mouth but I am rather' naughty' in the nicest possible way. I was always 'outside the door' for being cheeky at school.

At the time the Honda Hybred did not come as a hatch back and I like hatch backs as I like to be able to move smal things from place to place, like furniture to and from auction houses and theatrical costumes and paint and plants. Honda at that time did not have a Hybred hatch back so I had to settle for the saloon and although I love it I am now of an age where any car might be my last, I do not intend to drive forever as elderly drivers can be dangerous so is it time to upgrade?

I had a drive in the new Hybred Hatch Back and I must say I am sorely tempted. It has everything I want but is it too soon? You always lose money on cars whatever you do. I have been told you either change quickly or run the car into the ground but either way you lose.

I'll sleep on it. Would it make me any happier? No not really, Poorer? Yes but with the threat on inflation I have nothing much to lose. At least I get something I need.

Oh I am tempted.

Salad Days 1999 with my 'sort of sister 'Pam

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