Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Real Royal 'Student Princes' William and Charles

One of my first theatre leading roles was 'Kathie' in the Romberg musical. 'The Student Prince' is sad tale of a royal prince going to university, falling in love with a bar maid but for reasons of state having to marry a Princess. It all ends unhappily.

One would think it could never happen today but it has twice, once with tragic end followed by a happy end, Charles, Diana, Camilla and once hopefully with a happy ending from the start for Kate and William for I think all  of us who have experienced a happy marriage, and a lot of us have,  wish them 'all the luck in the world' and secretly wish we could 'do it' all over again for it is said every happy marriage ends in a tragedy when the first beloved dies. For the one left it is ghastly.

For once I do not envy Kate and William for although the future looks brilliant  today with royal weddings, luxury palaces, no money worries the future may not be so rosy. Like Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette they could be the Royal Couple who oversee the 'Fall of the House of Windsor' and that may be pretty uncomfortable. I am glad it is not going to happen to me, palaces or no palaces. At least they should be allowed to retire gracefully and not get their heads chopped off.

The legacy of 'The Student Prince' unhappy version that became happy after unwanted princess died and bar maid became Queen may be too much to stomach for some citizens. The Dominions  may favor  republics in the near future. Power based on heredity is not a  'good thing' in fact it is a very 'bad thing'.

It is said that William has indicated he has no desire to be a King. I think it was a wise idea  for him to wait as long as possible before inflicting marriage to the 'Firm' on his beloved.  At least after eight years they will be friends and Kate will have had a toe in the water to feel the temperature. The may need all the luck they can get.

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