Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wikileaks 'Whoopsy' The USA Regrets

Good on yeh Wikileaks for exposing the double standards in the USA today. For many years the USA Establishment has acted as if it alone has the right to do anything it wants and the hypocrisy of their position has been exposed for all to see and enjoy

There is nothing that the world's population enjoys so much as the great being humbled. Their discomfort at least makes life bearable for the rest of us

It really comes as no surprise to anyone that diplomatic utterances have two meanings and always have. Noel Coward in the 1930's put it so well in his revue pastiche 'His Excellency Regrets' where Coward contrasts what is said by what is meant.

'His Excellency regrets that owing to an attack of gout
He really cannot venture out on Saturday to dine'

Goes the first verse where plausible excuses are offered to all and sundry.

In the second verse Coward tells us what the underlying meaning is when he gives 'the world a whiff of plain unguarded truth'!

'His Excellency regrets that lacking a better alibi
He must admit he'd rather die that open your bizarre.' 

The song is hilarious and very apt for today. The USA, that bastion of freedom good manners and propriety has been caught with it trousers down to the hilarity of the rest of us.

Didn't anyone inform them that anything one writes on a computer is there forever and can be accessible to all. Monica Lewinsky found that out. All the letters she wrote but never sent were displayed in public for all to read and snigger at! 

Never write anything on a computer that you don't want the whole world to see is the maxim I go by.

Our betters are just big babies who indulge in power over the rest of us and now they have been found out.  We all know most of this anyway. No surprises at all. The surprise is that anyone should be offended.

It seems that the USA State Department has no sense of humour. It is all our fault it appears. Twill all blow over by tomorrow. I'll now be on the FBI's list!

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