Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ben Laden's death and Mrs Miller

My mother Mrs Honey Miller was a very ordinary conventional person who believed virtually everything that she was told by the Daily Mail, a Conservative or the Pope. She believed that because she married my father in a Registry Office during the war that she was rightly punished by being excommunicated for life by the Vatican and for forty years she never received communion although she went to Mass every Sunday. I think she was wrong to believe she was gong to hell because some unkind and vengeful authority said so. My mother sincerely believed she was 'going to hell' and short of leaving my father there was nothing she could do about it.

So it came as a BIG surprise to the family that my mother stoically refused to believe that the USA had landed a man on the moon until her death. She thought it was a con trick and of course since then many have thought it was a 'con trick'.

So this morning I am somewhat skeptical about the supposed death of Osama bin Laden. It is such a pity that the body was buried at sea before an independent pathologist had confirmed that this indeed was bin Laden and thus start a full scale conspiracy theory that will go on forever.

Having experienced the press and 'spin' myself and the tricks played on the general public for political and social reasons and how easily the public is hoodwinked I can only take a skeptical stance. At the moment I don't know.

Just take a look at the two photos above. This 'Death' photo taken 'at the time'  looks convincing until you look at the portrait on the left. It looks a bit suspicious don't you think? Even I with my limited photoshop skills could manage this.  This photo has since disappeared from the media but nothing on the web is lost forever and a quick search of Google Images turned up this pair.

Personally I think bin Laden has been dead for years. Bin Laden never acknowledged 9/11, all the so called 'acknowledgement' is controversial and weeks before bin Laden had received treatment at a USA base for diabetes.  However I could be wrong. I am not infallible. It is a pity the USA authorities did not keep the body just a tad longer to avoid this situation. Now we shall never know.

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