Thursday, May 26, 2011

Chelsea Flower Show Gardens disappointing

My garden Auckland New Zealand
Being an amateur gardener it was a yearly thrill to be taken to the Chelsea Flower Show.Having only a tiny semi detached back garden which was a long strip of Middlesex clay I used to marvel at the tiny show gardens and what could be achieved in such a small space. It was my ambition to make my garden look like theirs even in a small way.

Obviously I can no longer go to Chelsea but I can look at the images and here is the slide show from the Telegraph and I find the urban gardens disappointing. I wouldn't want any of them. They  look 'bland'.

I would not have wanted to actually live with any of these gardens. This one looks as if it needs weeding!

I think my actual 'garden' is as nice as any at this year's Chelsea and I find that disappointing. It shouldn't be. I do live in Auckland and have the advantage of a fabulous climate and no frost. This does make a difference as my garden is lush.

It is a constant garden as it always looks beautiful. When I came I walked around the neighbourhood and noted down what flowered each month and planted accordingly so there is always something in flower. This month it is the time of the Red hot pokers and Birds of Paradise. They put up a tremendous show in late autumn.

At other times the climbing roses are magnificent and the hydrangeas glorious. I have Green Goddess arum lilies and Quince and Orange trees grace the Spring. It is the perfect place for tea and scones! The grass takes just five minutes to cut.
Mine is a secret garden for me as my friends are not into gardening. I love it and it gives me so much pleasure for about an hour a week of my time. I spend nothing on it. It is all cuttings.
I have learned how to get the most out of a tiny suburban garden. Mine is the size of half a tennis court. It is amazing what one learns to do!

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