Friday, May 27, 2011


My neighbor's plum tree is putting up a fight for life!

This morning as I woke a rainbow descended on it as if to say 'goodbye'. I just happened to have a camera to hand.

It rained so the tree has a reprieve until Monday. Rang council but seems fruit trees are unworthy of preservation and in fact come January 2011 a new Act of Parliament has given open slather on all New Zealand trees with the exception of a few named ones on a list. Actually the council is hopping made as the next thing the typical NZ male likes next to rugby is a chain saw.

The early settlers did a magnificent job of cutting all the native bush down and it seems before long NZ will be a complete concrete jungle. So much for the green clean image. Have a look at Auckland on Google Earth and you will see other than the tine green line around the coast the whole thing is brown. The only green patches are the school playing fields and golf course.

Didn't sleep last night because of this. It is like executing an old friend and all for the sake of a car park!
That is the bit that really gets me.  So no more parrots, no more tuis just a rusting iron roof.

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