Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Facebook and the $750,000 scam

This impressive looking certificate arrived via my Facebook Messages yesterday from a Helen Dickson  informing me that I had won the Facebook Lottery run by BT and over seen by the British Lotteries Commission. I was number five in the draw and had won US $750,000 all I had to do was to claim it.

Being of a highly skeptical character, I am inclined to not believe anything since my doctor failed to inform me of the dangers of Benzodiazepin, I did not break out the champagne but I did click on the link and you can see the contents.

I must admit it did look very convincing especially the first Facebook message.  Security on the web is a problem. To comment and buy things one is asked for personal details. To solve this, or at least put a spanner in the hackers works, I just never give out my real birthday on the web. As I have two names, although I should prefer just one I have two birthdays, a real one and a web one and that way if a thief tries to steal my profile and use my web birthday they will not have a chance. Also I don't mind my photo being on line as me as I am hard to duplicate.

I then reported it to Facebook.....I think as it is actually impossible to contact Facebook so an entry on their security page will have to suffice.  I fond one or two others who had had similar prizes. Then I warned all my friends. I think this scam wants me to pay courier fees for my prize and at first glance $750,000 looks quite a prize.

It set me thinking what would I do with the money. If I invested it at the moment and added my income  half of it would go in tax and I should only be a little better off. I have everything I need so I should buy my dearest friend a new car, sort out my daughter's mortgage and possibly a new car for me but I don't need one and that would be it. Not much really!

No US$750,000 would be useful but a lot of trouble. I am happier without but to somebody who is struggling this is a cruel scam and one which should be stamped out.

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