Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Beauty of the Human Body

Seeing the video of depicted in the picture above reminded me of just how beautiful the human body can be. It made me appreciate just how lucky I was to be taken to the ballet because ballet is the one art where the living human body is shown to its most magnificent advantage. My eye was trained to enjoy both the male and female form. I realize now that this is extremely rare.

Most people I know do not like ballet. They may enjoy the odd  Swan Lake but they do not know anything of the art. Ballet is one of the few moments where one can enjoy the unadorned human form both male and female. The only other moments one gets is the Olympic Games where one can appreciate the superb athletes in swimming, diving and gymnastics although in gymnastics the male is clothed in the most unattractive trousers and lack of turn out ruins the line.

Most normal people have no idea what the human body can do or express as they never see it. Classical ballet shows the human form off to perfection that is why it has lasted for centuries. Today the ballet dancer's technique has reached a level that I thought unobtainable when I was a child. Ballet dancers are doing things with their bodies that seem impossible. The strength and beauty and the line they obtain is nothing short of heavenly. There is nothing so sexy as ballet dancers in full flight.

As a child I was trained as a classical ballet dancer at Arts Educational Schools in London. I spent my youth at Covent Garden watching and appearing in The Royal Ballet. If I had my time again I should devote all of it to ballet. Dancing ballet is so satisfying. It never disappoints and watching ballet is the same. I hear music in terms of dance. Even today I can feel the dancers dancing. I know  the sensation and it is fulfilling.

Nothing I say can express what I mean as well as the video below.

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