Friday, July 27, 2012

Big Ben Olympic Style. NZ Style Work of Art

Commissioned by the London 2012 Festival, Turner Prize-winning artist Martin Creed has developed a collaborative artwork that will enable people throughout Britain to welcome the Olympic Games and those participating in it to the country. At 8.12am on July 27, members of the public are invited to ring any type of bell available to join a chorus of thousands of others in expressing their enthusiasm for the Games. Telegraph

Ben Ben has chimed 40 times to welcome in the London Olympics. 

Being English and proud of it I am doing my bit here in Auckland New Zealand to welcome the 2012 Olympic Games.  I love works of art, the quirkier the better.

The neighbours who think I am eccentric anyway will now think I am MAD!

I may not have a Big Ben but I do have a working Angelus Bell. I still recall the sound. Everything stopped at my convent school for the Angelus. I have completely forgotten the ritual but I know it included a few Hail Mary's and was a welcome break in a maths lesson.

I stood on the veranda for the three minutes. I don't think anybody heard but there were just two passers by who did give a glance but I enjoyed it.

As I attended the Opening Ceremony at Wembley in 1948 this is the least I can do. 

Tally Ho! Let Battle commence!

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