Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Olympics Why are the Brits so negative?

Why are the Brits so negative about the Olympics? 
Last night in NZ I just watched a TV Documentary on the achievements of building the Olympic Park. It was a magnificent. I was so impressed. 
The tunnels for the electric cables, the downsizing stadium, the tennis racket roofs, the land scape, the use of rail, the waterways, the soil clean up, the incredible swimming pool,  all this is a tremendous feat. The site was ready two years in advance unlike many Olympic venues. That in itself is a feat. You wait until Rio!
Yet all the rest of the world hears about are grumbles about a few queues at airports, a lack of security staff and threatened strikes by selfish immigration staff who ought to be ashamed of themselves on this occasion by taking advantage and acting as spoilsports. This does nothing for UK's overseas image and negates all the successes.
With an event of this magnitude something is bound to go wrong, this time security is the culprit. Fortunately you have an  army so why not use it when needed? That is what it is there for. Better than a war any day!
As  child I went to the Opening Ceremony in 1948. There were grumbles then too! Appalling weather, not enough medals, not enough audience but it was an event I have never forgotten. I was four.
The building of the Olympic Park is a brilliant showcase of what the British can do and that alone deserves a gold medal. If I had a stadium to build I'd give the contract to the Brits!
So stop shooting yourselves in the foot. The British workers have shown on this project they are industrious, creative and hard working given the chance. This achievement is something of which to be proud.
Now get on with it and enjoy it. It is only a couple of weeks!

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