Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Queen & The Olympics We are not amused

The photo above seems to say it all. Her Majesty appeared to be definitely Not amused.  She seems to be thinking how on earth did I let myself be talked into this? and in fact one wonders how she was?

I found the James Bond section embarrassing. I seem to be alone in this as the British Press and comments are all rapturous on the subject. I felt the sequence made the Queen look like Dame Edna Everage and although not a tremendous fan of the Royal Family I felt sorry for her. She must have hated it. You can see it written all over her face.

The British Press appears to have given the Opening Ceremony a 5 star rating and so who am I to disagree. I am well past my sell by date and in truth the Great Britain of my youth has long since vanished into the distance past so I can hardly comment.

This sort of ceremony must be a nightmare to produce and a poisoned chalice to the producer. Not everyone will like it. I thought it was like the curate's egg good in parts.  I loved the Abide with me sequence and the lighting of the cauldron. Very inventive and spectacular but I am not into rock and roll.

I do not get Mr Bean and I thought the Bond Sequence in  questionable taste.

I did enjoy 1948 better. It had a simplicity of purpose that I still think more appropriate and moving. The cost was minimal and the impact was stunning. It felt like an Olympic Games. The world athletes were the major attraction. The King was dignified. The massed pigeons  and massed bands were unforgettable.

Beijing was a difficult act to follow and London's ceremony was certainly different. Beijing was so expensive that London could have got away with a simple ceremony. I think most countries would be relieved at not having to copy the extravagance.

 I can't pretend I wasn't a bit disappointed that many things Britain does so well were not included but at least it did not rain!

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