Monday, July 16, 2012

Dior uses real Flowers as set

The House of Dior has come up with an original idea. It is using over one million real flowers to decorate the rooms where the fashion parade is being shown. A highly original and expensive idea.

In theory the use of millions of flowers sounds wonderful but the reality judging from the photos leaves a lot to be desired. The result looks something of an overkill. Too many flowers too close together  looks awful. 

Flowers are like people. To be appreciated properly a person has to be treated as an individual. In a crowd the person who stands out is the person who is given the most space. The Queen is always presented with lots of room around her even when her subjects are crowded together. Although she is not the most beautiful person or indeed the cleverest she is the one that stands out.

Imagine millions of Queens wearing a crown all crowded together! Mind boggling!

A single red rose can be stunningly beautiful but the room of millions of red roses is overpowering and uncomfortable.

Original idea? No. I did this 30 years ago for a production of Gilbert and Sullivan. The First Act was all real flowers. The production only had to last for 6 days and the flowers just made it. Sad as it is in weekly rep all the old scenery gets dumped. The flowers looked beautiful but some members of cast and audience had hay fever!

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