Thursday, September 6, 2012

Google+ vs Janette Miller/Heffernan

I love Google and all it freebies but Google+ doesn't love me!

It seems once again my name is causing problems as it does not conform with their naming policy. This is nothing new to me as my name has always been a problem. I have never managed to have a name that is instantly memorable and trips off the tongue like Margot Fonteyn, Cocoa Cola or Google.

Having been stuck with Heffernan for thirty years and believe me this has not been easy I decided to return to my maiden name of Miller as it is so much easier. You can appreciate the difficulties. For the first year I decided to call myself Janette Miller/Heffernan  to ease the process. I have a YouTube Channel under Janette Heffernan and did not wish to put up all 54 videos again at my age!

I applied to Google+ as Janette Miller/Heffernan and was rejected as I was not a real person! I appealed but it seems I ought not to exist! There is no other appeal possible and  my Google + was cancelled.

Google+ will not recognize the forward slash / and I think this was the problem when I replaced the / with a hyphen - all went well. Google+ is very, very insistent on the letters or punctuation marks it will accept.

The irony of this policy is that Google+ is falling short of its own naming policy. Under Google+'s rules the + is illegal! Google+  should not be tolerated. I have tried to point this out with no success. Also Google is hardly a normal name. I mean where do you find a Mr. Google? There are thousands of Heffernans!

It appears there is one rule for Google+ and one for the rest of us!

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