Saturday, September 15, 2012

Kate's Boob the Downside of being a Royal

The Downside of being a Royal

Poor Kate! Who would have thought that a photographer half a mile away would have the ability to photograph the royal boob and what is more publish it for the world to see!

I know I should have hated that if it had been me. There is a distinct downside to being a royal.

It is one of those lessons learned the hard way. If you choose to become a public figure and Kate did, then your privacy goes out of the window. You are fair game.

By marrying William Kate chose this but I don't expect she ever imagined this would happen to her. Prince Harry's little naked escapade should have warned her. The Royals know that photographers can do this at anytime so with Harry's photo only a week in the past perhaps it was unwise of the new duchess to venture onto a balcony with her boobies on display especially in France.

Somebody should have warned her. I was warned when I was 12. When I was interviewed for my ballet school, this public figure bit was pointed out. I have been public figure all my life and have had to look at myself on the front pages of newspapers seeing well known friends off at airports as if I were marrying them next week. I found it embarrassing. That's the price you pay. I chose to dance but I realized  my life from then on would not be my own. I had to be careful.

However the French press are disgusting and unfair. Give the girl a chance as she is still learning the job. Not sure that suing them is going to do much good as it will only keep these pictures in the public eye.

Sadly for Kate shopping for clothes in the high street will now be off limits. Cameras in changing booths will always cause a threat but the benefits of being a royal far out weigh the occasional downside.

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