Monday, April 22, 2013

Childhood Immunisation a Controversial Topic

I have had three bouts of measles/rubella/ in my long life and two of whooping cough! It appears that docs have difficulty in diagnosing the difference between rubella and measles as it is all in the shape of the rash. That is what I was told but they may have got better at it by now.

I had a childhood something then at 21 I had another something. It was icy cold I went out and whatever kind of measles it was it attacked my inner ear. My balance has been off for the rest of my life which is not good as I was a dancer!

Then one Xmas when my daughter was 6 I got some sort of measles again and had to cook Xmas dinner with it. Not a pleasant experience.

Last year I caught whooping cough again. One can get it in old age as the immunity of childhood wears off. This went undiagnosed for quite a while until NZ medics woke up to  an epidemic. Now I can see why children die of it as you cannot breath. It clogs your nose and throat and you have to sort of gasp to catch breath. It also goes on for a year in my case.

If I had been immunised, there was none available when I was a child, I would be healthier today. My best friend at school caught polio and my cousin rheumatic fever before anti biotics. It was a dangerous childhood which now can be avoided. I was so glad when the polio vaccines arrived but I never learned to swim because swimming pools is where you caught polio.

Thanks to science times have changed. 

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