Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Firefox Themes

I spend a lot of my time on the web and for years I have had to put up with the very dreary grey style of Internet explorer and the not so but almost as dreary grey of Safari and my favourite web browser Firefox. I like Firefox because it has  a Web Developers tool bar that allows me to see the structure of web pages which is just like looking under the bonnet of a car to see how it works.

So imagine my delight to find yesterday on my update that Firefox is now offering themes or as they call it Persona.They must have been doing it for some time as there are 33,000 to chose from but I am usually late to the party.

It was such fun to try out the various ones on offer. After a bit of experimentation I settled on the one above. You have to be careful as some are so colourful that you can't read the tabs. Llght pink with Gerbras was suitably cheery enough to make me feel happy on a chilly winter's morning. Next week I'll choose another one. You can make your own but the ones on offer are so good and I have better things to do. Time is precious when you are of a mature age!

I also explored how to remove it which is much harder than you think unless you know how - Tools/add ons/themes and choose default. Sounds simple enough but try working that one out by  yourself.

So my web page looks far more inviting. I still like Firefox as a browser so if you have it installed give it a go.

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