Sunday, July 11, 2010

International Stop Stoning Day 11 July

Stop Stoning Women

Sunday 11 July 2010 is the first International  Day against Stoning. It seems almost unbelievable that in the 21st century women and the occasional man are still  executed by this barbaric method and the world should need such a protest day to get the practice  stopped but it dies

The case of Sakine Mohamadi Ashtiani  of Iran who until a few days ago faced imminent death by stoning for adultery was bought to the world's attention by the efforts of her children.

Appealing on her behalf, her two children have said: 'Today we reach out to the people of the world. It is now five years that we have lived in fear and in horror, deprived of motherly love. Is the world so cruel that it can watch this catastrophe and do nothing?'
Don’t stand by and watch. Let’s end this once and for all.

To show your condemnation against stoning and support for Sakine, during the week of 5-11 July, take stones to your city centres, universities, media outlets, workplaces… and put them in a public place, with a message in support of Sakine and against stoning and executions

With daily reports of such brutality, some will still not stop asserting that Sharia law is misunderstood and wrongly associated with medieval punishments - yet this is what Sharia’s penal code demands. The image of Sharia law is draconian because the reality is such.

Fortunately because of the hue and cry the authorities in Iran have thought better of it and commuted her punishment but she is still in danger of execution.

Above is my small effort in front of our local cinema.

'Adam and Eve' have a lot to answer for especially as they never existed but we women are still suffering from the 'Sin of Eve' and until the world comes to its senses we still shall.

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